Dr Ebaa Al-Ozairi, Chief Medical Officer

Dr Ebaa Al-Ozairi is the Chief Medical Officer at Dasman Diabetes Institute, a consultant Diabetes, Endocrine and Nutrition and an Assistant Professor at Kuwait University. Dr Al Ozairi has completed her intercalated BMSc (hons) in molecular pathology at Dundee University (UK) and graduated from Aberdeen University (UK) for her medical undergraduate studies. She has received his highness the president award for high school and medical school performance. Ebaa then joined Newcastle University (UK) for her specialist training in Diabetes and Endocrinology and was the first Kuwaiti to complete her CCT in Diabetes and Endocrine. During her postgraduate studies in UK, Dr Al Ozairi was awarded The Fulbright fellowship to Joslin Diabetes Institute, affiliates of Harvard medical school, Boston, USA.

Her research interest includes diabetes education, technology and metabolic surgery. Ebaa has been accredited by the Royal College of physician (UK) as a medical educator, and is an associate practitioner at the UK Higher Education National Academy having completed teaching fellowship. Ebaa has completed her fellowship in obesity and holds the American Board for Physician Nutrition Specialist and is a fellow at the American College of Nutrition. Dr Alozairi has completed her Rabkin Fellowship in medical Education at Harvard Medical school.